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The management at RES Consulting is committed to highest personal engagement and, in partnership-based communication with our customers, cooperation partners and employees, is dedicated to ensuring that we measure up to our excellent reputation in future too - remaining a guarantor of innovative and user-oriented consultancy services.

Thomas Schäfer, Manager

Engineering studies and years-long working experience in mid-sized consultancy companies form the basis for Thomas Schäfer's work today. He has been able to prove his abilities as a developer, consultant, trainer and project manager for real-life situations in a diverse range of projects for the introduction of SAP® R/3 and document management systems within a technical corporate environment.

Klaus-Peter Ehrlich-Schnelting, Manager

Klaus-Peter Ehrlich-Schnelting's know-how gained in real-life experiences is based on expert training, followed by technical studies during practice of his career as well as additional studies in the areas of technical environmental protection and quality management. His comprehensive SAP® R/3 know-how was gained in the past ten years within a diverse range of SAP® R/3 projects, in which he took over various roles (project manager, consultant and trainer).